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Founded in 2013 as a non-profit, state-recognized higher education institution to be a vocational school that trains qualified labor force needed for the state economy and business life in cooperation with industry, Atasehir Adiguzel Vocational School aims to be the one of the most prominent higher education institutions in Turkey. In order to achieve the goal mentioned above, Atasehir Adiguzel Vocational School established an Advisory Committee for each program, working in cooperation with which to form close ties with the industry and provide its students with high-level job opportunities while improving its curriculum and education. In line with this, so as to strengthen its staff and achieve a higher quality in education, Atasehir Adiguzel Vocational School intends to accomplish an ‘international culture’ among its academic and administrative staff and students and contribute to the experience of its students and staff while internationalizing the institution via mobility activities.

Thus, while establishing partnerships with higher education institutions in EU or non-EU countries, we seek for a similar understanding of education in an institution that will contribute to and improve mobile participants’ awareness and competence. The main goal of Atasehir Adiguzel Vocational School via mobility is to enrich the quality of education with student and staff mobility so that mobile participants can widen their horizons in a way that will contribute to forming their future positions. Via mobile activities, we aim to have our students and staff enhance their professional and language competencies as well as gaining cultural and social awareness and improving self-esteem.

In our strategy of internationalization, Atasehir Adigüzel Vocational School sets no priorities in terms of the geographical location of the partner higher education institutions. In order to enrich the quality of education through mobility, Atasehir Adigüzel Vocational School intends to cooperate with higher education institutions with similar objectives all over the world.

A unite responsible for the implementation of international cooperation projects will be established soon in Atasehir Adigüzel Vocational School. This established unit will be in charge of developing projects and providing participants – students of staff – with required resources and support. Since we aim to cultivate an intellectual accumulation of our students and staff through international cooperation, it is of great importance that our students and staff involve in each step of realizing an international project such as developing, monitoring, practicing etc. This way, we intend to achieve the exchange of innovation and knowledge as well as improving international competences.

The aim of Atasehir Adigüzel Vocational school is to train qualified entrepreneurs, future leaders of business world that support universal ideas and values, and contribute to the scientific, technological and cultural knowledge accumulation of the world. Therefore, it is crucial for our school to go through modernization process constantly. To modernize, it is of great importance that the affiliations and partnerships our school has established with local businesses in order to improve curriculum and practice are supported by international cooperation.  Established partnerships will pave the way for such innovative and creative graduates and qualified staff that they will expand not only their knowledge but also their perspective of the world and contribute much to the benefit of Turkey. In light of this, our focus is to establish partnerships via mobility in order to engage new opportunities from which our students and staff will benefit to become qualified workforce and researchers. Furthermore, with the exchange of experience, established cooperation and mobility may result in initiating new projects between partners to enhance the quality of education.

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