Founded in 2013 as a non-profit, state-recognized higher education institution to be a vocational school that trains qualified labor force needed for the state economy and business life in cooperation with industry, Atasehir Adiguzel Vocational School stated its mission as “Sector Oriented Qualified Education” and its vision as “being a vocational school whose graduates are keenly seeked by the sectors”  Started by a wide range of programmes and by time prefered to get specialized on specific areas. With an innovative, sector-oriented, applied education approach, Ataşehir Adıgüzel Vocational School aims  high quality education based on social responsibility, sectoral research, analytical discussion, and practice

The scientific and cultural perspective of Ataşehir Adıgüzel Vocational School is based on attaching importance to the past and the future, to the local and global. Throughout all academic activities of the School, an understanding that blends the past and moves towards the future, that integrates national values and universal values is dominant.

In order to achieve the goal mentioned in its mission, close cooperation with the sectors has been one of the founding pillars of the school.  Advisory Committees established for each program, working in cooperation with which to form close ties with the industry and provide its students with high-level job opportunities while improving the programmes curriculum from the aspect of applied courses. In the core curriculum, practical training is compulsory for Ataşehir Adıgüzel Vocational School students, who have the option to complete it internationally. The skills and competences defined for the programs seek to provide a high degree of employability with stakeholder input built into course design and content in order to match the knowledge, understanding and skills of future market needs. Representatives from different sectors often visit our school and give lectures and seminars. Ataşehir Adıgüzel Vocational School supports actively scientific and cultural exchanges. The Program courses are also focused on national-international demands and opportunities. By offering qualified, updated Associate Degree Programs and practice-oriented courses, Vocational School intends to educate independent and analytical thinking individuals.

Besides giving vocational education, Ataşehir Adıgüzel Vocational School aims to have fully educated individuals by adding social and cultural classes such as Human Rights, Animal Rights, 21st Century Skills, Career Planning, Entrepreneurship and Slowness which is given for the first time in the World and being certified by Cittaslow International.

In line with this, so as to strengthen its staff and achieve a higher quality in education, Atasehir Adiguzel Vocational School intends to accomplish an ‘international culture’ among its academic and administrative staff and students and contribute to the experience of its students and staff while internationalizing the institution via mobility activities. Beleiving that vocational higher education is a power for good and makes an important contribution for the sector on bringing up well-bred semi-qualified employees, international experience gained through internships obtains high quality, inspiration and creates new prospects for the students.

One of the prior problems for leading the students for Erasmus mobilities is their level of English. For the last two years Ataşehir Adıgüzel Vocational School has renewed its “On Demand English Prep Classes” and started getting consultancy from one of the leading language teaching academies in Turkey. The demanding students study English at international standards and get a B2 degree at the end of the year and also get internationally valid certificates whereas compulsory courses aims A2 degree at least.

The Bologna Process serves as an essential framework for the design all of Ataşehir Adıgüzel Vocational School’s educational programs. To facilitate the mobility of people, transparency, and recognition of qualifications, curriculum development is based on the European and national qualifications frameworks and the ECTS is used for credit allocation. Ataşehir Adıgüzel Vocational School promotes and makes use of the existing recognition tools such as the Diploma Supplement. Erasmus Learning and Traineeships Mobilities are encouraged for students to experience different learning methods. Necessary regulations on subjects such as course and credit recognition, diploma equivalence etc. are organized by the School Board, Bologna Coordination Commission and International Relations Office and published on the Erasmus web site of the school.

Twice every year the International Office organizes communication meetings with the programme coordinators and inform them on updates and exchange ideas. All students are informed on Erasmus mobilities at the day they arrive our school and information flow is constant via web, social networks, posters in the school and information meetings all through the year. All students are welcomed in our office where there are computers for them to form their Europass CV’s, search for internship offers etc. All neccesary regulations and guidelines are prepared and strictly followed, all the neccesary digital structure is formed for the Erasmus without Paper process. The office promotes the use of the Erasmus+ Mobile App and takes neccesary actions on the way to Erasmus Without Paper thus also acts in accordance with the schools environment friendly strategy.

Ataşehir Adıgüzel Vocational School is ready to follow the digitalisation roadmap described and take active measures to implement requirements for digital mobility management as soon as possible. The school promotes digital learning and training opportunities, especially in life long learning certification programmes.

While establishing partnerships with higher education institutions in EU or non-EU countries, the institution seeks for a similar understanding of education that will contribute to and improve mobile participants’ awareness and competence. The main goal of Atasehir Adiguzel Vocational School via mobility is to enrich the quality of education and vocational trainings with student and staff mobility so that mobile participants can widen their horizons in a way that will contribute to forming their future positions. Via mobile activities, our institution aims to have our students and staff enhance their professional and language competencies as well as gaining cultural and social awareness and improving self-esteem.

In our strategy of internationalization, Atasehir Adigüzel Vocational School sets no priorities in terms of the geographical location of the partner higher education institutions. In order to enrich the quality of education through mobility, Atasehir Adigüzel Vocational School intends to cooperate with higher education institutions with similar objectives all over the world.

Another aim of Atasehir Adigüzel Vocational school is to train future entrepreneurs and leaders supporting universal ideas and values, and contributing to the scientific, technological and cultural knowledge accumulation of the world. Therefore, it is crucial for the school to go through modernization process constantly. To modernize, it is of great importance that the affiliations and partnerships our school has established with local businesses in order to improve curriculum and practice are supported by international cooperation.  Established partnerships will pave the way for such innovative and creative graduates and qualified staff that they will expand not only their knowledge but also their perspective of the world and contribute much to the benefit of Turkey. In light of this, our focus is to establish partnerships via mobility and focus on vocational training through internships, in order to engage new opportunities from which our students and staff will benefit to become qualified workforce and researchers. Furthermore, with the exchange of experience, established cooperation and mobility may result in initiating new projects between partners to enhance the quality of education.

A unite responsible for the implementation of international cooperation projects is active for the last three years in Atasehir Adigüzel Vocational School, improving everyday, the service given to students and staff willing to gain new prospects through Erasmus Mobilities. This established unit is in charge of developing projects and providing participants – students or staff – with required resources and support. The office promotes and supports mobilities, especially for individuals with fewer opportunities, and further develop non-discrimination policies.

Also every programme has its own Erasmus coordinator to communicate with institutions, evaluate their programmes and lead students that are eager. They also pioneer the students finding the right partners for internships and improve their potential.  Yet we are a young institution we recognise the opportunities and importance of Erasmus projects and we aim to cultivate an intellectual accumulation of our students and staff through international cooperation, it is of great importance that our students and staff involve in each step of realizing an international project such as developing, monitoring, practicing etc. This way, we intend to achieve the exchange of innovation and knowledge as well as improving international competences.